University of Iowa study backs C4 Smart Energy product benefit claims as the cognitive performance drink to deliver peak focus and energy, alongside launch of new Watermelon Burst flavor.

Austin, Texas, April 27, 2022 — Nutrabolt, a global leader in human performance and the maker of one of the nation’s fastest growing performance energy drink brands, C4 Energy®, today announces new clinical trial study claims on the benefits of C4 Smart Energy, showcasing the efficacy of its better-for-you and cognitive performance energy drink. Conducted at the University of Iowa, the new study tested the cognitive and mental performance effects of C4 Smart Energy, which contains a specially-formulated combination of clinically studied ingredients, including InnovaTea®, a plant-based caffeine ingredient derived from green tea extract that delivers energy and alertness, alongside Cognizin®, a patented citicoline designed to support mental focus, attention, and recall.

The claims around C4 Smart Energy are announced just in time to celebrate the brand’s latest flavor, Watermelon Burst. Released just in time for summer, C4 Smart Energy Watermelon Burst has a fresh, lush, and pleasant flavor profile, ideal for a season of next-level performance and hustle.

The results of the double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, crossover clinical study were recently presented at the world’s foremost biological and physiological sciences conference, Experimental Biology 2022, in Philadelphia, PA, and at the 2022 Texas Chapter Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, in Waco, TX. The researchers concluded that after drinking just one C4 Smart Energy, participants reportedly experienced an array of cognitive performance enhancements, including:

  • 47% improvement in complex gaming performance
  • 33% improvement in energy levels
  • 16% improvement in short-term recall and information processing
  • 10% improvement in concentration
  • 10% improvement in mental multi-tasking

“These recently published studies illustrate the performance benefits that C4 Energy has stood for from day one – providing better-for-you energy drinks to help unlock the performance potential we know our consumers crave,” says Rajaa Grar, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Nutrabolt. “The research done behind C4 Smart Energy puts the C4 Energy brand squarely into the mental and cognitive performance market, and consumers can trust that we are continuing to forge a new frontier in creating the best-tasting performance energy products. I can’t wait for our consumers to try the new Watermelon Burst flavor this summer and experience the cognitive performance benefits for themselves!”

These published results illustrate why C4 Smart Energy appeals to a variety of consumers, and their unique set of needs: college students studying for exams, gamers preparing for their next e-sports match, journalists writing multiple articles at once, and entrepreneurs meeting deadlines, to name a few.

“It’s worth emphasizing that the study was conducted on a large number of male and female gamers who weren’t naive to energy drinks,” says Dr. Chris Lockwood, PhD, FACN, CSCS, who was a co-investigator in the study and served as an independent research director. “Having been an investigator within several previous energy drink and related studies, I wasn’t expecting that we would observe large differences between treatments. Therefore, when Dr. Nathanial Jenkins’ research team, at the University of Iowa, sent the final data analysis that reported so many statistically significant and positive effects, it was clear that the effects weren’t just statistically significant; but they were actually significant!”

The new C4 Smart Energy flavor, Watermelon Burst, joins Freedom Ice, Peach Mango Nectar, Black Cherry and Icy Blue Razz as the fifth flavor in the Smart Energy collection, providing consumers with another mouth-watering flavor designed to help them conquer any task, anytime. The Watermelon Burst flavor will be sold in 16 oz cans at, Amazon, and over 20,000 doors within key retailers such as Vitamin Shoppe, H-E-B, 7-11, Speedway, Quik Trip and Giant Eagle. C4 Smart Energy is available in all 50 states, internationally, and online at You can also find C4 Smart Energy at H-E-B, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, 7-11, Speedway, Wawa, Quik Trip, and Vitamin Shoppe.

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