Today, Nate Kleiman leads Nutrabolt’s highly innovative Product Development team as the SVP, Strategic Product Initiatives. But, his Nutrabolt journey began 20 years ago as a college student.

“I started off packing orders part time and making sample packs. I received a full-time offer after graduating college in May 2005, where I oversaw the shipping operations and fulfillment,” Nate said.

With two decades in the books and more than 10 titles held, Nate has experienced many memorable moments at Nutrabolt. But the one that stands out the most is an early story of overcoming adversity to achieve results that were pivotal to the company’s future. He said it was then that he witnessed Nutrabolt’s culture and values start to form. 

As he puts it, although the company’s core values and how we define them have changed over the years, they have been found in our people since the beginning.

“I think it was 2007. Doss [Cunningham, Nutrabolt CEO] had set sales goals that if we hit, the company would send everyone to Miami for the Texas A&M vs. Miami game. It was the last day of the month to hit the goal, and we were pretty far behind,” Nate recalled. “We finally received approval codes from GNC around 3-4 p.m. on Friday, which allowed us to sell our products into franchise. That opened the floodgates, and the Sales team started hammering the phones. We ended up hitting our goal that day. There may or may not have been some champagne popping to celebrate.” 

Of course, no one knows you like your own teammates! Frank DiLorenzo, VP, Product Development at Nutrabolt, has worked with Nate for more than six years. He said the most inspiring part about working alongside Nate is the constant resilience he demonstrates. Frank called him “an incredible steward of Nutrabolt’s mission and core values.”

“Probably the quintessential encapsulation of Nate was him walking into my office in Bryan, Texas, circa 2018 or so. It was about noon on a Monday, and he asked if I’d be able to go with him on a 3:30 p.m. flight that afternoon to address a project with one of our vendors,” Frank said. “We didn’t even have a return date, we just needed to immediately go home, pack our bags, and hop on a plane. And to this day, 20 years in, he still has the same work ethic and perseverance to push through challenging circumstances.”

To recognize Nate’s unwavering dedication, expertise, and passion for the mission, Nutrabolt’s Workplace team hosted a special surprise gathering at the company’s Austin Headquarters. 

Custom Nutrabolt cookies were served, including cookies of Nate’s favorite C4 Performance Energy can – Midnight Cherry! Additionally, teammates got to enjoy a special beverage menu with drink names all inspired by Nate.

Nutrabolt’s CEO Doss Cunningham, Nate’s family, and several teammates joined in to celebrate the momentous day!

When asked to describe his experience over the last two decades at Nutrabolt in just one word, Nate used “unbelievable” and “grateful.”

“It’s been an incredible journey to watch – and be a part of the company from when it started in a duplex – to where it is now. It was just a bunch of college kids and 20-somethings early on. I think everybody had the belief that the company was going to make it and be successful,” Nate shared. “Everyone was so passionate, and willing to jump in wherever something was needed. It felt like a small family. I am so appreciative of the opportunities that have been given to me through the 20 years.” 

Nate’s 20-year journey at Nutrabolt is filled with achievements, growth, and a positive impact that extends far beyond the workplace. His hard work and commitment have helped shape the culture of our organization today. Since the beginning, his mindset has remained the same: execute and find a way or solution when problems arise.

“Success doesn’t happen instantaneously. There have been numerous changes and pivotal events throughout the life of Nutrabolt, and you have to embrace these changes and be adaptable to whatever the circumstances are,” Nate said. The one thing that I’ve preached to my team over the years is to have a sense of urgency in everything you do.”

Congratulations, Nate, on this tremendous milestone! Nutrabolt is truly grateful to have you as a legendary part of the team.