Nutrabolt is proud to celebrate Earth Day as a certified plastic net-zero company by Plastic Bank!

Plastic Bank is a global, social enterprise that reduces plastic waste in the environment while simultaneously alleviating poverty in developing parts of the world.

In April 2022, Nutrabolt partnered with Plastic Bank to support ocean-bound plastic collectors in Indonesia, effectively reducing the amount of plastic that enters the world’s oceans. Our partnership also helps provide social and economic benefits to collectors and their families, including health insurance, school tuition, learning supplies, fresh food, clean water, cooking fuel, electricity, and financial savings opportunities.

In a special edition of our internal company-wide meeting, One Nutrabolt — Doss Cunningham, Chairman and CEO of Nutrabolt, sat down with Plastic Bank Founder and Chairman David Katz, for an inspiring conversation about how we are working together to turn plastic waste into worth, and empowering a regenerative society along the way.

“It’s about creating a way for the world to prosper — a wasteless world. We’ve tackled that in a way that treats plastic like money,” David said. “Long term, it has the ability to give credit worthiness, the ability to borrow, and the ability to buy insurance products or other things they would’ve never had access to — using what others thought of as garbage, and now viewing it as cash for the world.”

Plastic Bank’s vision to steward the collection of ocean-bound plastic and empower collection communities is synergistic with Nutrabolt’s mission: to innovate, inspire, and make products that maximize human potential accessible to all. This made the decision to join forces for the Earth’s greater good, a simple one.

“There’s this beautiful component of our mission that’s about accessibility. The world needs to be healthy for people to be healthy,” Doss said. “It’s always been important to me to not just be successful in our core business, but to produce a bigger impact and be good role models for our children, and their children. I take that responsibility very seriously.”

Through our partnership with Plastic Bank — Nutrabolt has prevented 1,255,000 kilograms of plastic from entering the ocean, and offset all the plastic we used in 2021 – the equivalent of over 62 million plastic bottles! The collected plastic is reprocessed and sold to companies that use the recycled raw materials in their products or packaging.

Plastic Bank has empowered us to think about the manufacturing and distribution of our products through the lens of sustainability.

“Not only are we preventing plastic from going into the oceans, we’re thinking about the impact of our actions, how we bring new products to market, and what the packaging substrates are,” Doss said. “We don’t want to use virgin plastics. We want to be looking for new, more modern packaging options.”

To encourage our teammates to make a personal environmental impact and drive change, Nutrabolt has hosted recycling seminars, finds clean-up and other planet-preserving service opportunities, and provides other ways for teammates to learn how to take responsibility for our own sustainability practices. And the company plans to continue its partnership with Plastic Bank this year, and further retrace our steps in our plastic-producing history.

While stopping plastic from contaminating the ocean transcends a single organization, and requires a worldwide effort, Nutrabolt is committed to working with Plastic Bank to serve as a powerful piece to the solution, beginning with our own teammates and consumers.

“The gift we are receiving in this relationship is an opportunity to engage every single consumer who engages Nutrabolt. They can be a part of the change as well,” David said. “Every time they buy something, the world gets better, and repairs and restores the damage. That’s what we’re creating together.”

To learn more about Nutrabolt’s commitment to its people, communities, and the planet, visit To learn more about Plastic Bank’s work to stop ocean plastic and build ethical recycling systems around the world, visit