Meet two members of Nutrabolt’s People team — Traci J. and Kelsey K.! Traci is Director, SEC Reporting and DEI, and Kelsey is Director, Social Impact and Engagement at Nutrabolt.

Traci joined the company in April 2022, and Kelsey recently joined our team in March. 

“I haven’t met anyone at Nutrabolt that I haven’t been able to share a laugh with — no matter the level of tenure — and that says so much,” Traci said.  

Kelsey supported Traci’s answer with her own thoughts about Nutrabolt’s one team mentality. 

“There is a baseline of kindness and compassion that everyone has towards each other; sounds trite, but that’s rare,” Kelsey said. “I feel valued and respected by my boss and colleagues — truly invaluable.”

When asked for one word that family and friends would use to describe them, Traci said they would call her an ‘optimist,’ and Kelsey said she would be called, ‘brave.’ 

Both teammates reside in Texas, and are big fans of Texas sports. Traci roots for everything Houston – including the Texans, Rockets, Astros, and Dynamo. And Kelsey is a Longhorns fan – hook ‘em! 

Pets are a huge part of many of our teammates’ lives at Nutrabolt. We offer pet insurance through Nationwide as part of our benefits package, to ensure all furry (and feathered) friends are taken care of. While Traci has no furry pets, she does have a turtle named Tony! Kelsey has a 13-year-old black pug mix, who she calls, “the best boy in the whole world.”  

This summer, Traci will use her unlimited PTO — one of Nutrabolt’s many teammate perks — to travel to Paris, Egypt, and Dubai. But to date, Turks and Caicos is her favorite destination spot she’s ever visited. Kelsey’s favorite place to vacation is Switzerland, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lakes there. 

In addition to unlimited PTO, Nutrabolt offers 24 hours of volunteer time off. We encourage all teammates to make a difference and serve causes important to them, as part of our longstanding mantra to ‘grow and give back.’  

“My current favorite established charity is No Kid Hungry, but I’m currently working on starting a charity with my sister called ‘Reach Beyond’ meant to support communal and individual welfare,” Traci said. 

Kelsey’s favorite charity to support is the Equal Justice Initiative.  

“Bryan Stevenson from the Equal Justice Initiative is doing amazing work,” Kelsey said. “His book, ‘Just Mercy,’ is a must read.” 

When it comes to books, movies, and music, Traci’s latest read was ‘Virtually Speaking,’ the most recent pick from Nutrabolt’s Emerging Leaders Book Club. The last movie she watched was ‘Fall,’ and she’s currently in a self-proclaimed neo-soul phase, and enjoys listening to Ro James. She said Beyonce’s ‘The Formation Tour’ was the best live concert she’s been to, but she would also love to see Lauryn Hill in concert. 

Kelsey is currently re-reading ‘Sister Outsider’ by Audre Lorde, and considers Third Eye Blind or The Killers the best musical group she’s seen in person. 

From concerts, to work, to everyday hobbies, Nutrabolt has several innovative products across its brands that help all people maximize their potential. But for Traci, her days are fueled by C4 Smart Energy – Peach Mango. Kelsey said because she is new to the team, she is still trying to discover her favorite products. 

Something people may not know about Traci is that way before she was leading DEI initiatives and SEC reporting at Nutrabolt, she volunteered as a clown throughout her childhood. 

“I volunteered as a clown named Bubbles at St. Jude’s and other similar organizations from age 11-13,” she said. “I could make an awesome balloon animal!” 

A fun fact about Kelsey is that her current role at Nutrabolt is her first position outside of healthcare and higher education. 

“I’m a psychologist by training. This is my first time working in the corporate industry world,” she said. “I’ve only ever worked in hospitals and universities (usually both) my entire adult life. It’s been refreshing so far!” 

When asked if there’s anything else they’d like people to know, for Kelsey — it’s that she loves to laugh! Traci shared that family is of utmost importance to her. 

“Family is everything to me, and I’m glad my teammates have invited me into theirs,” she said. 

Check back soon to learn about two more Nutrabolt teammates!