At Nutrabolt, we care deeply about our people, our communities, and the planet. As part of our commitment to community, we proudly partner with The GiveJoy Foundation to provide students in the area with proper nutrition, medical, physical movement, and mentoring resources. Each year, Nutrabolt teammates come together to participate in The GiveJoy Foundation’s annual Grow and Give Back Holiday Drive.  

Grow and Give Back is the flagship event of The GiveJoy Foundation. What began as a small, grassroots event in Bryan, Texas has grown tremendously since the first event in 2008 that supported about 50 students. Since then, the event has impacted thousands of children in the Brazos Valley and Greater Austin areas, and this year’s drive on Dec. 9 and 10 supported 1,100 kids and families across Central Texas. All participating families were given a complete holiday experience that included $100 worth of gifts for each child, and a freshly prepared holiday meal for the household. Volunteers came together to shop, wrap, and deliver gifts – and spread some needed cheer during the holiday season. 

Sam G., Senior Product Developer at Nutrabolt, is an event veteran, participating for the last four years. What Sam enjoys most about Grow and Give Back is making a difference for families in need. 

“We have the toy drive set up to follow our end-of-year all hands and celebration the next day. So, we get one day to outline and celebrate our wins for the year, then we get to use all that excitement and energy to do some good and make a difference for families in need,” Sam said. “There is so much more spirit at the toy drive after we’ve just been reminded how much we can accomplish as a team and company.”  

Sam’s favorite moment from this year’s drive was seeing the large turnout of volunteers. Sam explained that hundreds of volunteers arrive at the event, and are assigned a child to go out and shop for. After thoughtfully shopping for the gifts on the child’s wish list, volunteers return to the meeting point to assemble toys if needed, and wrap the gifts.  

The gifts are then placed into the family’s box. The following day, logistics are coordinated, and the boxes of gifts and freshly prepared meals are delivered to the homes of each family. 

Nutrabolt has proudly participated in this meaningful service event since its inception 14 years ago. Like Grow and Give Back, the company has experienced immense growth over the years. Many first-year participants attended this year’s holiday drive, including Nutrabolt Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Shiely P. 

Shiely said when she received the information about her child with their wish list, it made her feel instantly connected to them. 

“After learning about the child I received, I was so motivated to get all of the gifts that he really wanted on his list,” Shiely said. “I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time I was shopping because it made me so happy to think about this child receiving everything he wanted on Christmas morning.” 

For Nutrabolt teammates, the Grow and Give Back Holiday Drive is the perfect way to round out a hard-working year, and come together as one team during a time of year when many are expecting to receive holiday joy, and actually receive the opportunity to give it. 

Spencer Yero, Customer Operations Specialist at Nutrabolt, said he uses the good feelings he gets from participating in Grow and Give Back to fuel other areas of his life in a positive way. 

“When you take time to reflect on all the accomplishments you have had over the last year, and all that you have, it can naturally put you in a grateful and giving mood,” Spencer said. “This grateful and giving mindset can be channeled to many different areas of your life. It can empower you at work, with your family, and within other relationships as well. ” 

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