In April 2022, Nutrabolt marked an important milestone, and announced an official partnership with Plastic Bank — as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to serve our people, communities, and the planet.

Plastic Bank empowers ethical recycling in vulnerable coastal communities, and reprocesses materials for reintroduction into the global supply chain as ‘Social Plastic’ feedstock. Our partnership not only supports the collection of ocean-bound plastic waste, but it provides communities access to vital economic resources.

Through this collaboration, Nutrabolt has committed to offsetting all plastic used in the production and packaging of its products since January 2021, and proudly achieved offsetting the equivalent of 62,750,000 bottles last year.

In July 2022, one of our many passionate teammates — Emily C., embarked on an unforgettable journey to Bali, Indonesia. There, she visited two of Bali’s Plastic Bank collection branches, and witnessed firsthand the partnership in action.

During Emily’s site visits, she met with branch owners, collectors, and other workers whose responsibilities included sorting, crushing, and baling plastic. Emily noted that through every interaction, it was evident the Plastic Bank partnership maximizes human potential for collectors.

“Working closely with ESG at Nutrabolt, I’ve had the privilege to spend time with many Plastic Bank teammates — all of whom take a personal interest in supporting our partnership,” she said. “And the Indonesia team provided an exceptional educational and insightful experience that far exceeded any of my expectations.”

Emily explained that these collection sites serve as a main source of income for many islanders, and have done so for more than two decades – even before the founding of Plastic Bank.

“Since partnering with Plastic Bank, the average collector in Indonesia earns 20% higher income than before. Talk about maximizing potential!”

In addition to a steady income, collectors are offered benefits that include cash bonuses, groceries, access to health insurance, and technology that allows many families to pursue an education. While health insurance is not required in the country, many workers are eager to obtain that benefit in order to protect their family’s health and wellbeing.

Bali’s economy is dependent on tourism, which made life during the COVID-19 pandemic very difficult. Without bustling tourism – and with strict COVID precautions in place – it was hard for many to recycle enough plastic to create a livable income. In some cases, when there’s been a lack of affordable housing, branch owners have invited collectors and families to live on site in the collection branches.

Supporting the efforts of Plastic Bank and its partners to collect, recycle, and reprocess plastic from ocean-bound sources is critical, as it reduces the need for virgin plastics, and makes a lasting environmental, social, and economic impact.

Emily recalled that it was particularly interesting to see how Plastic Bank integrates with a blockchain-secured platform called Gojek to trace collection, secure income for collectors, and verify reporting from collection sites.

“Similar to Uber in the U.S., many Southeast Asian countries use an app called Gojek to get rides, food, and much more,” Emily said. “In Indonesia, Plastic Bank integrates with Gojek’s technology, providing a way to pay and incentivize collectors safely, and in a way that meshes with their existing lifestyles. It was such an interesting innovation!”

In September 2022, Plastic Bank Founder and CEO David Katz sat down with Nutrabolt Chairman and CEO Doss Cunningham for an inspiring one-on-one conversation about the mission-driven partnership. It was a great opportunity for teammates to learn more about the meaningful role the company has taken on as an ocean steward.

Nutrabolt’s longstanding mantra is to ‘Grow and Give Back,’ and we are proud to deliver on this promise by partnering with Plastic Bank. It’s just one of many steps in the company’s sustainability strategy, and commitment to serving as an environmental leader in the active health and wellness space. After years of search for an effective anxiolytic, my doctor and I have come to benzodiazepines. I tried Xanax and Klonopin, but side effects of both medicines were significant. Eventually, I started taking Ativan at I’ve noticed that it hasn’t affected my energy levels; I don’t feel sedated on it. I also don’t feel anxious, which is huge progress.

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