At Nutrabolt, we know incredible things happen when we create a work environment that fuels our teammates’ potential. Performance is the core of who we are, and we believe that the better we perform, the more we can put back into our communities and our world.

While we’re always driving to our next best result, we find it incredibly important to celebrate our teammates and their wins. This mindset led us to implement a new recognition program, to deliver our teammates rewarding experiences while helping them connect with the world around them.

Thanks to a unique recognition platform called Blueboard, our teammates now look forward to a variety of interesting and fun experiences to celebrate their Nutrabolt milestones! These include homestyle cooking classes, a relaxing day at the spa, an exciting game at a local pro team’s ballpark, or even a rhythmic dance class.

Shannon, from Nutrabolt’s Commercial team, is a thrill seeker, and loves to immerse herself in new adventures. So, when her Blueboard reward became available, she knew she’d want to unlock an exciting hands-on option to celebrate her big achievement.

“I chose the Introductory Flight Lesson for my Blueboard experience because I’m an adrenaline junkie, and love to try new things,” she said. “It stuck out to me as the most intriguing option for the area I live in.”

Like anyone would be for their first-time flight lesson — Shannon described feeling nervous before she arrived.

“Shortly after meeting the instructor, he walked me through the warehouse and led me to a tiny plane,” she said. “He demonstrated how to top off the oil, handed me a headset, and ensured he’d tell me what to do when the time came. At that point, I thought he’d pretend I was flying the plane, while he was steering…I was wrong!”

C4® Smart Energy, a lifestyle energy drink line in Nutrabolt’s product portfolio, is for moments that make dreams real. And that’s why Shannon knew it was the perfect drink to consume before flying a plane for the first time.

With ingredients like natural caffeine, Cognizin® Citicoline, N-Acetyl Tyrosine, and key B-Vitamins, C4 Smart Energy sharpens mental focus and promotes well-being for when you need it most.

“I’m not a fan of coffee, so the caffeine in C4® Smart Energy kept me alert while I drove to the lesson, then, Cognizin® helped me stay focused so I could remember what the instructor told me in the lesson,” Shannon said. “I can’t think of many times I’d want to be more focused than when learning to fly a plane!” 

Once Shannon was primed with C4® Smart Energy and completed a walk-through with her instructor, it was time to shift gears and take off! She said the biggest surprise was how the plane responded to her control.

“I didn’t realize how reactive the plane would feel. As soon as I took off, I could feel every move that my arm made,” she said. “I was so scared that I screamed! I settled in quickly after that though.”

While in the air, Shannon learned how to complete critical flying techniques, including maintaining altitude and airspeed — something she never imagined having the opportunity to experience.

After returning to the ground, Shannon recalled that the physical demand you endure while flying a plane is similar to the strain you feel in a challenging exercise class.

“After the lesson, I felt very accomplished, but physically tired. I was so tense the entire time, it kind of felt like a Pilates class where your muscles are constantly under tension.”

This year, teammates who celebrate a 5, 10, 15, and 20 year work anniversary will be gifted a reward that’s reflective of their years served at Nutrabolt. Depending on the milestone, some options to choose from include tickets to local concerts or theatre shows, staycations, trips, and much more!

Nutrabolt sets out to be the best possible workplace, and continuously seeks new ways to reward teammates who outperform themselves day after day. In collaboration with Blueboard, we’re proud to offer our hardworking teammates experiential recognition to celebrate their work milestones, and show them the appreciation they truly deserve.

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